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Conservation & Savings

Built With Your Savings in Mind.

From blueprint through construction to every day of your life, a Caruso home is designed with your monthly savings in mind. Use the interactive Caruso home above to explore how we save you money, protect the environment, and create healthier living spaces for your family.

Caruso Homes

The New Standard of Efficiency.

What is a HERS Index Number and what does it mean to you? The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index is a tool used to measure the energy efficiency of your new home. According to the HERS index, a lower number indicates better energy efficiency. The average new home has a rating of 100, and more efficient homes are awarded lower scores. For example, a home with a HERS Index rating of 90 is 10% more energy efficient than a home with a rating of 100. A score of 110 is 10% less efficient than average. Knowing the HERS rating of your new ENERGY ELITE Caruso home gives you the...

  • • Ability to predict the utility costs associated with maintaining temperatures in your new home.
  • • Confidence that your home was fully inspected by a third-party, certified energy rater.
  • • Pride of living in a home that’s kinder to the environment, easier on your budget, and built in a community that requires above average efficiency ratings to achieve the CARUSO HOMES ENERGY ELITE certification.

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