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At the heart of every Caruso Home is our "We Care" attitude - a commitment to uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service. We believe that every homebuyer is different and, as such, deserves a home built to suit their needs.

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Homebuilder in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and North Carolina
Building ABright Future OnA Proud Past.

Building A
Bright Future On
A Proud Past.

We began modestly enough in 1986, building custom homes for people unwilling to settle for standard. Since then, discerning homebuyers throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and North Carolina have counted on us to provide them with superior quality of craftsmanship in new home construction and design.

As we plan for future growth, we will continue our commitment to excellence by staying on top of industry trends and technology, building homes that exceed industry standards for construction and energy efficiency.

Six Traditions of Caruso Our Core Values

We strive always to adhere to our six Core Values. With these values as our guiding principles, Caruso Homes is able to make good on the promise of superior customer service, unrivaled construction of the highest quality, and exquisite living environments for every homebuyer. There is no better way to ensure satisfied customers for life.

1. We Care Attitude

2. Same Team Concept

3. Atmosphere of Urgency

4. Facing Reality

5. Thirst for Change

6. Truth and Commitment - In Writing

Six Traditions of Caruso

We Care Attitude

We will demonstrate uncompromising integrity and a caring attitude every minute of every day. As representatives of Caruso Homes, anything less is unacceptable.

Same Team Concept

Every person, every idea, every voice counts. At Caruso, our common goal is the respect for each player on the team. That includes customers, co-workers and trade partners. We should always expect the best from each other.

Atmosphere of Urgency

We will be timely and decisive in our actions, bold in our thinking and never content with anything less than our professional best.

Facing Reality

The team whole is dependent on every player’s performance. We will identify strengths and weaknesses in each player and react accordingly. Supervisor’s evaluations set goals and markers for achievement, then recognize achievement.

Thirst for Change

We will hasten our forward progress by: recognizing and being open to new technologies, ideas and concepts; streamlining our processes; and operating more intelligently to eliminate errors. Because a company grows as individuals grow, we will encourage every player to share ideas, contribute and constantly seek improvement, both personally and professionally. Only then can we exceed expectations.

Truth and Commitment - In Writing

We can commit in writing by living our core values. Because our values and guidelines are then in writing, employees become empowered to make decisions effectively and independently. This, in turn, allows us to honor our commitments and close the commitment circle.

Meet the Team
That Makes
it Happen.

At Caruso Homes, our “Same Team Concept” means that every person, every idea, and every voice counts. Our management team leads the way, focusing on achieving goals and honoring our commitments to Caruso home owners, co-workers and trade partners.

Meet the TeamThat Makesit Happen.
Meet the TeamThat Makesit Happen.
Jeff Caruso Owner/CEO