February 7, 2023

Save Money Every Month with an Energy Elite Home

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Save Money Every Month with an Energy Elite Home
Have you ever stopped to consider just how much money you’re spending each month on energy bills for your home? With the current recession, every penny counts. And yet many homeowners are unknowingly throwing away hard-earned cash by living in inefficient homes.

What if there was a way to save money and enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful, brand-new home? With advanced features and modern construction methods, buying a new home could save you thousands of dollars each year.

How Does An Energy-Efficient Home Save You Money?

Costs are rising, and they’re unlikely to go down anytime soon. Beyond groceries and gas, inflated home energy costs are taking a big chunk out of the monthly budget. For example, heating and cooling your home accounts for 46% of home energy use…

But when a house is designed and constructed with those costs in mind, it will be more energy efficient. How so? Home builders that make efficiency a priority use:

  • Appliances and construction materials with high energy ratings
  • Energy-saving floor plans that reduce energy waste
  • Sustainable building practices that minimize energy use
All of this (and more!) adds up to energy savings. In other words, a new energy-efficient home will have a lower utility bill each month compared to an older less efficient home.

Understanding the Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

That all sounds good on paper, but what does it mean in practice? How do you know your home is truly efficient?

The nationally recognized Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index measures the energy efficiency of a home. The lower the number on the HERS scale, the more efficient your home is. And that translates into lower utility bills every month!

To put it into perspective, the average home gets a HERS Index rating of 100. So if your home has a score of 90, then it's 10% more efficient than the average home. A home with a score of 110 would be 10% less energy-efficient than the average home.

By comparing the home's energy performance rating against a base home score, you can see how much money you’ll be saving each month on your utility bills and home maintenance costs.

What is an Energy Elite Home?

In general, buying a new home will put you ahead of the energy efficiency game. Times and technologies have changed. So a newer home will be more efficient than an older home, because of newer construction methods and materials. But at Caruso Homes, we go beyond just basic home building standards to make sure our Energy Elite Homes are even more efficient than required by code. 

As the name implies, Energy Elite Homes are built to the highest standards of energy efficiency. We build each home with an eye toward lower energy bills and greater comfort. And, every home is inspected by a third-party certified energy rater to guarantee that the home is filled with energy-saving features.

The Features That Make Up an Energy Elite Caruso Home

At this point, you're probably wondering how we make our homes so energy-efficient. Here are just a few features that come standard in every Energy Elite home from Caruso Homes:

  • ENERGY STAR® appliances and LED lighting that meet higher energy efficiency standards
  • High-performance insulation in more areas (attics, doors, walls, etc.) to maintain consistent temperatures
  • Highly efficient heating, cooling and plumbing systems for maximum comfort and better function
Use our interactive floor plan on this page to see all the unique ways we ensure energy efficiency.

If you're ready to invest in a home and save thousands annually on your utility bills, then it's time to consider an Energy Elite Home from Caruso Homes. Our home designs and construction methods give you the ability to predict your utility costs each month with confidence. Plus, you can enjoy living in a home that’s kinder to the environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our Energy Elite Homes! We look forward to helping you save money and live comfortably in a home that’s energy-efficient for years to come.

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