January 11, 2022

Introducing Caruso Homes' Build On Your Lot Program in Charlotte

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A home is a big purchase, so you shouldn't have to compromise on any detail. For some people, the floor plan is most important. For others, it's the custom interiors and unique details. But one of the most important aspects is often the location. Building on your lot ensures that the home you want is exactly what you'll get!

We're thrilled to announce Caruso Homes has expanded our On Your Lot program to include Charlotte, NC. Read on to learn more about our home and lot packages available here!

Why Charlotte?

Charlotte is one of North Carolina's largest cities and is steadily growing. Considered one of the top places to live in the state, residents of Charlotte enjoy a good blend of urban and suburban living.

With abundant shopping, dining and entertainment options, there's always something to do. The locals also have easy access to nature trails, green spaces and beaches.

For families with children, you'll be pleased to know crime is low and the schools are some of the best in the state. And for sports fans, there's even a range of pro teams like the NFL Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Knights minor league baseball team.

Why Build a New Home?

When buying a home, you ultimately have to decide if a pre-owned home or new home is the better option for your needs and budget. Each has its pros and cons. Here’s why many families today are opting to build.

The biggest advantage building offers is that a new home can be tailored to the buyer's specific needs and lifestyle. A resale often requires trade offs–that home with the perfect garage for dad may not have the luxury bath that mom was dreaming of. Building a new home to your exact specifications ensures everyone is happy. 

And since there are no old materials or outdated appliances and equipment, new homes have better energy efficiency as well as lower maintenance costs over time. A Caruso home is built with your monthly savings in mind from design through construction to every day of your family's life. Our goal is to save you money, protect the environment, and give you a worry-free home that won't need repairs or upgrades any time soon.

Smart technologies are easily incorporated in a new home. From thermostats to lighting to the latest in surround sound, a new home offers the convenience of modern features vs. trying to retrofit an older home.

Why Caruso?

Caruso Homes has been building new homes since 1986. Our proven build On Your Lot program gives buyers the best of both worlds–the efficiency and reliability of using our award winning floor plans along with the flexibility to personalize the home to fit your lifestyle. 

Using a custom home builder often involves a lengthy and expensive process of hiring architects, developing new plans and purchasing materials for custom designs. Using Caruso Homes' established plans offers a more timely and cost-effective method of building, while still allowing the ability to select the options and features that are important to you.

How it works

We've teamed up with land sellers to provide lot and home packages in Charlotte that are ready for building. Or, if you happen to already own land, our team can provide a cost for site development and building one of our homes on your lot.

Prices may vary depending on the lot cost and how much work needs to be done on the land before construction begins. But with so many options, this program is compatible with nearly every budget.

If building on your lot sounds like the ideal home buying situation, we would love to speak with you! Contact our team to explore all that Caruso Homes can offer in Charlotte!


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