October 22, 2021

How to Choose a Home You’ll Love to Retire in

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How to Choose a Home You’ll Love to Retire in
The American dream is to have the white picket-fence, a family and a job. But what do you do when your children have left the house and you retire? When you hit the 55 or better age group, it’s important to make your home in a community that meets your needs.

There are so many factors at play when choosing the best place to spend your golden years. We’ve got some tips on how to choose the perfect retirement community for you!

Consider Your Lifestyle Goals

What’s most important to you long-term? Your home and neighborhood should meet (and exceed!) those needs and expectations.

Do you crave nature? Do you love being involved in the community? Are you an avid gardener? Would you like to live in a place that’s designed for people your age, or are you okay with something more independent?

Retiring is a whole new lifestyle — and it’s often best enjoyed amid people who have similar interests and priorities as yourself.

Amblebrook Gettysburg is designed to support people 55+ with a wide range of active lifestyle amenities. From our cafes and fine-dining, to vineyards and community gatherings, pools, fitness centers and sports amenities, it’s never been easier to find activities for your new lifestyle.

For those seeking a lifestyle free from the constant upkeep of property, Caruso Homes offers convenient townhome living at Amber Ridge in Bowie, MD. 

These luxury, turnkey townhouses are a hassle-free way to avoid the chores and labor that come with single-family homes. Lawn maintenance is even included!

Location is Key

Where do you want to be? You might prefer a small town or rural setting or perhaps living near family is an absolute priority for you. Maybe you like to travel and need access to an airport. Or you want interesting destinations nearby for weekend getaways and day trips.

Location can be one of the most important variables when you decide where to spend your retirement. Convenience and accessibility are a top priority!

For retirees, the tax-friendly state of Delaware is an obvious choice! And Caruso Homes can build you a gorgeous custom home in one of our highly desirable Delaware communities or on your lot. Aging in place never looked more affordable than with the competitive cost of living andtax breaks for seniors!

The Right Home for Retirement

Caruso Homes keeps your current and future needs in mind when we design each of our homes. Many of our customers find that the best long-term decision is to build one level homes.

A single story house is perfect for aging in place independently. It allows for easy access to all areas without compromising either luxury or function. 

So that’s exactly what we deliver!

Our Symphony Series offers many floor plans to choose from, featuring stylish exteriors and charming details throughout. With a wide range of designs for every plan, you can choose one that best matches your own tastes and needs.

The glorious exteriors, interiors, and distinctive features throughout each plan make it ideal for gatherings with family and friends. You’ll have lots of room to entertain in enormous gourmet kitchens, equipped with integrated family rooms and dining. Owners’ suites provide the ideal hideaway with luxurious bathrooms, big closets, and comfortable lounging areas.

With plans that allow for second floors and up to three additional guest rooms, there’s plenty of room for grandkids and weekend guests. And screened-in porches, sunrooms, patios, and outside fireplaces give you fresh air and outdoor entertaining year-round!

Looking ahead to the prime of your life will ensure that you’re comfortable, safe and happy. Amblebrook provides all the lifestyle perks you could want in your retirement years. Contact our team to experience a better kind of retirement!

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