November 9, 2020

Fresh New Look Same Caruso Quality

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Since 1986, Caruso has been known for uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service. From the beginning, we’ve taken the standard of the customer experience and raised the bar. While we’ve established a well-respected name for ourselves as a home builder in the Baltimore/Washington Metro, we’re growing, and felt it was time to elevate our look to match our distinguished name.

In early 2020, the Caruso leadership team embarked on a journey to redesign the aesthetic of our brand and better communicate the incredible culture of our company. This brand exploration kicked off with a 4-hour branding exercise that included key organization stakeholders and Caruso’s digital creative agency, ONeil Interactive.

The group was warmed up with a series of discovery questions surrounding their current mission statement and elevator pitch, target audiences, typical market challenges and competition. The creative exercises that followed were the inspiration for a refreshed color palette, complementary font selections, and a completely new logo.

A company’s logo is often the first brand element that leaves an impression. The Caruso Homes icon is constructed from an interlocking C & H shaped into the outline of a home. It is Art Deco in style and made to represent luxury and stability with a modern touch. This new logo represents a revitalized visual consistency across all Caruso creative assets including their newly redesigned website, social media platforms, print collateral, signage, and more.

Our Value Proposition

As a trusted luxury home builder in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, we provide a well-earned upgrade in lifestyle all while delivering a joyful experience with the flexibility and personalization home buyers deserve.

We want our employees to feel like family, we want to become a small part of yours, and we want our vendors, homeowners, and team members to enjoy working with us every step of the way. Building new homes is our trade and our passion, and we want you to experience the pride of being a part of the process.

Caruso has, and always will, honor the core values communicated in our six traditions. One of these long-standing principles is a Thirst for Change. We understand that as a company grows, the individuals within the organization grow as well. Encouraging every player to share ideas and constantly seek improvement, both personally and professionally is vital to the success of our team. “We will remain steadfast in recognizing and being open to new technologies, ideas and concepts” says Jeff Caruso, CEO/Owner of Caruso Homes. “This doesn’t just apply to our processes and products, but also how we communicate our brand to our customers.”

Check out our fresh look across our brand-new website. Caruso Homes invites you to explore our new home communities in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, as well as tour our innovative new home designs and learn more about our build on your lot options.

Keep an eye out for even more exciting things from Caruso Homes as we celebrate 35 years in business crafting homes for You.


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Caruso Homes Testimonial - Colleen Applebaugh


I walked into a Caruso home and I just had a gut feeling, I was home. I fell in love....I was most surprised by how fun the experience was as opposed to stressful.