February 10, 2021

Caruso Homes Celebrates 35th Anniversary

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Caruso Homes humbly began as one man’s vision to reinvent the homebuilding experience. We’ve since grown into an award-winning company in the homebuilding industry, delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship, design and energy-efficiency — all with an unparalleled customer experience.

Caruso Homes excitedly celebrates 35 years of new home construction! Explore the path we took and how we continue to redefine homeownership in Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The Beginning

Our owner, Jeff Caruso, was raised in a construction family. Son of the largest commercial building developer in DC, Jeff gained skills, experience, and a vision for his own company, all while learning on-the-job. 

The hands-on training was a springboard for success. With a pickup truck, a single piece of land, and a set of plans, Jeff launched the company. In 1986, Caruso Homes broke ground on its first home in Boyds, MD. 

The Vision

Caruso Homes arose from Jeff’s vision of establishing “the homebuilding company of the future,” and every talented employee has maintained this vision along the way.

“For more than three decades, I've had the privilege to lead Caruso Homes through substantial growth opportunities and help it become the respected builder it is today. Offering homes from North Carolina up through Pennsylvania of uncompromised quality while providing top notch customer service is a privilege to oversee.”
- Jeff Caruso, Owner & CEO

The Caruso Homes’ reputation wouldn’t be possible without a dedication to Jeff’s vision. The core philosophy is to deliver superior housing at an affordable price. We work diligently to cater to you, the purchaser. We focus on strategically placed communities near growing cities, filled with stunning single-family detached homes. 

Every homebuyer is unique. You deserve an individualized experience and personal attention throughout the entire construction process. This is what we call the Caruso Experience.

The Values

Achieving exceptional results and living up to Jeff’s vision requires a clear understanding of the people we serve. No two homeowners are alike, and your home should reflect your goals, needs, and lifestyles.

To deliver on our promises to you, all team members rally behind our six Core Values:
  1. We Care Attitude
  2. Same Team Concept 
  3. Atmosphere Of Urgency
  4. Facing Reality
  5. Thirst For Change
  6. Truth And Commitment - In Writing

“I take great pride in seeing how far we have come, building over 300 homes a year across four states while remaining true to our original core values and ‘we care’ attitude.”
- Jeff Caruso, Owner & CEO

Read more about these guiding principles and how they contribute to the luxury homes and high-quality living you can expect as a homebuyer.

We genuinely care about the end product and overall experience you receive. Our values push us to design every home in a way that saves money, protects the environment and creates the ideal living space for you and your family. 

The Milestones

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve established both locally and nationally. Awards in design, customer experience, and craftsmanship are a testament to our work ethic, including:
  • 2006 “America’s Best Builder” from NAHB & Builder Magazine
  • Residential Warranty awards for Quality Building Practices & Exceptional Customer Service
  • 2015 “Community Builder Award” for community service from Home Builders Care Foundation
  • Hundreds of industry awards for product design, quality and service
We are honored and proud of our achievements within the industry, but what matters even more is being recognized by over 2,600 satisfied homeowners who call our communities “home.” 

Choosing the right builder for your dream home is a difficult decision. But hopefully our track record of uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service makes Caruso Homes the obvious choice for you. 

The Future

We’re committed to homebuilding excellence for the long haul. Design, quality, integrity and customer satisfaction remain at the forefront. The Caruso Homes’ goal will forever be to exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

"Caruso Homes built our reputation by providing luxury custom homes with superior craftsmanship and design for buyers who were unwilling to settle for standard.  The company we have today has grown tremendously over the past 35 years without ever sacrificing the quality of the homes or the level of customer service that we offer."
-Mark Somerville, President
Since the beginning, we’ve looked for ways to expand and improve your experience. What started as a single home has grown into a range of communities and countless floor plans fit for all lifestyles. In 2021, you can expect plenty of options for your home buying adventure. Our plan is to add over 400 homes and communities to the ever-growing list of markets we serve.

We thank every person who trusted us with their home’s construction over the past 35 years. Connect with our team if you’re interested in making lasting memories in a beautiful Caruso Home.


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