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Energy Elite Nodes

Saving Money

Built With Your Savings in Mind.

From blueprint through construction to every day of your life, a Caruso home is designed with your monthly savings in mind. Use the interactive Caruso home above to explore how we save you money, protect the environment, and create healthier living spaces for you and yours.

  1. R-38 Attic Insulation - Helps maintain the temperature of your home at a consistent level, as well as controls moisture, which lowers utility bills and keeps you comfortable.
  2. 2x6 Walls - Allow for thicker insulation with a higher R value, making it easier to manage your home’s temperature.
  3. R-19 Wall Insulation - Acts as a barrier from exterior elements such as moisture and wind, ensuring your home is the right temperature in any season and lowering your energy costs year-round.
  4. 90% Efficient HVAC System - Helps keep your home warmer using less fuel, saving money every month.
  5. Rapid Recovery Water Heater - Is easy to maintain and features quick recovery and greater conservation of hot water. Less time and money are wasted waiting for hot water.
  6. Low E Coated/Argon-Filled Windows - Keep out excess heat and cold, and help protect floors and furniture from fading.
  7. Ridge Vent - Allows for proper ventilation in your attic, keeping it cool and dry and prolonging the life of your roof.
  8. Programmable Thermostat - Gives you the ability to save big on your heating and cooling costs, by putting prolonged temperature control at your fingertips.
  9. LED Lighting - Is about 8 times as efficient and lasts over 40 times as long as a typical incandescent light bulb
  10. Low VOC Paint - Has fewer Volatile Organic Compounds than traditional builder-grade paint, making it less harmful to human health and the environment.
  11. Whole House Ventilation System - Means the air you breathe inside your home is cleaner and healthier for you.
  12. Tyvek House Wrap - Gives world-class protection from air and moisture infiltration.
  13. Insulated Front Doors - Prevent energy loss at entry points, making it easier to maintain your interior temperature.
  14. Native Plants - From Maryland’s Eastern Shore reduce irrigation needs and lowers the environmental impact of maintaining your home.
  15. Energy Star Appliances - Use 10 to 20% less energy and conserve 20 to 35% more water than non-certified models.