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Conserving Energy

The New Standard of Efficiency.

What is a HERS Index Number and what does it mean to you? The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index is a tool used to measure the energy efficiency of your new home. According to the HERS index, a lower number indicates better energy efficiency. The average new home has a rating of 100, and more efficient homes are awarded lower scores. For example, a home with a HERS Index rating of 90 is 10% more energy efficient than a home with a rating of 100. A score of 110 is 10% less efficient than average.

Knowing the HERS rating of your new ENERGY ELITE Caruso home gives you the…

• Ability to predict the utility costs associated with maintaining temperatures in your new home.

• Confidence that your home was fully inspected by a third-party, certified energy rater.

• Pride of living in a home that’s kinder to the environment, easier on your budget, and built in a community that requires above average efficiency ratings to achieve the CARUSO HOMES ENERGY ELITE certification.